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Meet the Team

The Badger Team is a rag tag group of bandits who enjoy the art of aerial sports, snow sports and water sports, with different skill levels from intermediate to expert, we are here to push each other and to create the future.


Leader Apparent

Calling myself a world traveler is an exaggeration; maybe well-traveled is more like it. I have lived and traveled for the sports that I love. From my experiences and meeting so many awesome people along the way, I decided to infuse my upbringing with my love for the outdoors to bring My Wicked Dude to you. P.S. I'm definitely not as interesting as Raider the Team's Honey Badger




My name is Jesse Weyher. I’m an American with dual Citizenship in Latvia. I am a professional skydiver and wind tunnel instructor, teaching all forms of skydiving in both civilian and military applications.

I compete in Canopy Piloting, Speed Skydiving, and in the past, Mixed Formation Skydiving. I won US Nationals in 2018 in advanced canopy piloting and in 2019 earned my spot on three US Parachute Teams-Canopy Piloting, Freestyle Canopy Piloting, and Speed Skydiving. I earned 10th overall out of 92 competitors from all over the world at my first world stage-World Cup of Canopy Piloting in South Africa and earned 6th place in Canopy Freestyle. I am also a part of Swoop Freestyle-a skydiving world tour exhibition. I am also a part of the Head Up Vertical World Record that was completed in 2019.

In my free time, I enjoy Speed flying, Speed riding, Skiing, Surfing, Paragliding, and BASE jumping.

I continue to enjoy pushing my limits in these sports as well as passing on my knowledge to others.



Athlete Team Leader

Hi Everyone, I am Aymeric Laurent. Born in the French Alps, Former Professional Snowboarder.

I Split my time between Bali, Indonesia, Dubai in United Arab Emirates, and France, where I pursue my few passions: Surfing, Skiing/Speed riding/Snowboarding, and business as a Telecom Executive.

I have absolute confidence in the team I am leading and I know my teammates are excited to be a part of the wicked bunch to share our talents with the world under the My Wicked Dude Banner



The Team's Honey Badger

Hi, my name is Raider. I am the team's official badger. There are lots of badgers but only one of me. As you know I'm considered one of the fiercest animals on the planet. Originally from Africa, but I float around Southwest Asia, and the Indian subcontinent, for the most part, to travel and do cool adventures like hunt snakes and what not. I decided to join team wicked because let's face it they have some really cool athletes on their team and lots of wicked gear. I want to be a part of their work, be on the lookout for me, I'll be on or floating around some of their projects, looking forward to all the exciting things to come.

Most of the time, I'm a lone wolf but I like the tribe mentality that My Wicked Dude is all about, so while I don't hang with my fellow badgers, these guys get me. I'm part of their tribe, I get to fly with them, hang with them and they also incorporate some sick designs from the motherland with snow and surf gear, how much more of family does it get. #teamwicked



MWD Athlete

Number one fun fact about me, I was born in Mexico. 

We lived in Mexico for 2 years before we moved to Bora bora (French Polynesia) and then Brest, Brittany (France) which is where my family is from. I grew up there, surrounded by the ocean which is where I spent most of my life. I love to ride my skateboard, snowboard during winter, and kitesurf when it is warmer.

When I'm doing snowboarding or kitesurfing, I love traveling. My favorite places are Australia, Cook Islands, Bali, Fiji, and New Zealand. I am also a drone pilot and enjoy recording my teammate's speedfly as I learn new things and have a good time.



MWD Athlete

Hey Guys, I'm Jules. Born and raised in the French Alps. 


I started skiing before I could walk, my parents made sure of that, as they were both ski instructor and hang gliders, which inspired me to get into snow and aerial sports.

At the age of 14 years old, I did my first paragliding flight. Since then flight and ski competitions. I progressed quickly and got into freestyle/ freeride which is the more exciting stuff.

When I started my ski instructor course, I learnt about more about speed riding and speed flying (the sports I have dreamed of) and I started to travel around the world...

Now I live in Val d’Isère, which is my playground and where I work. 

I have done lots of aerial shows and I have many projects coming upon for My Wicked Dude, I am super stoked.

My other hobbies include mountain hiking, drawing, travel, and just enjoying life.



MWD Athlete


Hey Guys, I'm Alizé. I am from French Brittany. Where the ocean is my natural habitat, I love sailing and the sea was my element. I moved to the south of France to go to college to focus on engineering, It's also where I learnt about paragliding and fell in love and got sucked into paragliding.

After 5 years of paragliding, then I discovered speed riding and speed flying and I also fell in love as well and got into skydiving. 

I left the South for French Alps to pursue my other passions in snow sports and my love for the mountains.

Today I am an airplane pilot and I plan to become an airline pilot.

So you get the idea, I love flying and I found a cool group of people to fly with.



MWD Athlete


Seven years ago, my life changed forever when I was introduced into the sport of Skydiving. From my first jump, I found human flight fascinating and since I found my new obsession, my priorities in life changed. Bye-bye business career in Operations Management, Hello Fun, and Exciting new things like Freefly.


 I began packing parachutes to make ends meet as I started my AFF student progression. This path led me back home to Portland, Oregon to work as a wind tunnel instructor. The combination of skydiving and tunnel flying helped hone my skills and exposed me to the network of athletes that have helped me grow both personally and professionally.

    You can probably tell where I am going with this. You guessed it I am an aviation addict residing in the PNW Merica. If I left out that I am a Pilot well secret is out now, I plan on flying more hours on fixed-wing planes on track to be a commercial pilot like my teammate Alizee.


When I'm not flying airplanes or skydiving, I support my habits through work as you guessed it skydiving as a Tandem and Accelerated Free Fall instructor. Other merits include being a Senior Parachute Rigger and IBA Certified Wind Tunnel Coach. On my days off you can find me in the local terrain working on my progression in Speed Flying, Speed Riding, BASE jumping, Paragliding, and other ways to stay an addict in aerial sports.

     Being a part of the My Wicked Dude team presents seemingly endless opportunities for the future. The shared passions of those around me are the true ingredient to happiness and success. My involvement with the company surrounds me with like-minded individuals that help push the limits of flight and creativity. With a quick glance at our team, it is evident that we have found our tribe!



MWD Athlete (Ultramarathon Runner)

          Hey Guys, I'm Taylor. Granted not everyone likes to run let alone long distance runs but I do and I do it for fun, which is not something most


          Feeling at home in the world of Ultra Marathons, I have found solace on the trails and pavement pushing high mileage over 26.2 miles. As someone who gravitated towards running, I have always been put off by the formality and fanfare of traditional marathons. Coupled with a hunger to push myself, I have spent a considerable amount of time training for and completing multiple 50k’s and up.


In 2021 I plan to tackle my biggest running goal yet, the Moab 240, a 240 mile, five-day endurance race in Utah surrounded by Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.

I'm really excited and looking forward to the challenge, it is going to be FUN.

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