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paragliding in the snow
custom skis on snow

Custom Skis

 Your perfect-fit skis will uniquely match your skier needs and improve your balance, comfort, and control.

If you would like custom skis please contact us at 

melting glaciers


Welcome to My Wicked Dude. 

Here at My Wicked Dude, we believe in protecting our planet. We understand that climate change is a major problem, and we understand that our resources are finite. My Wicked Dude believes that we must all do our part to reduce our carbon footprint to protect our resources and our environment.

One thing is clear – we can help reduce the effect of adverse environmental effects by doing our best to recycle, buy sustainable, and support eco-friendly, bio-degradable products.

We only provide products that are intentional in reducing our carbon footprint while supporting local craftsman. Browse our selection to see what piques your interest, supports our planet, and fuels your stoke.


Live Responsibly, Buy Responsibly

men hiking up snowy mountain


What do we mean when we say Find Your Tribe? Finding your tribe is a process of self-discovery. An opportunity to find yourself through travel, experience, people, and self-expression. My Wicked Dude believes that this journey is an important path for everyone to take, so we created a platform for fellow adventure-seekers to share their journey with. Traveling the world and sharing in adventure has inspired us to create an outdoor clothing and lifestyle brand that focuses on heritage, creativity, and innovation to curate the best experiences and products for everyone.


Since day one we have been working tirelessly to create an outdoor clothing brand with social responsibility. Our mission is to provide unique and innovative outdoor clothing that is environmentally conscious and sustainable. We strive to be an environmentally and socially responsible brand built on quality, creative, innovative, and functional products and experiences inspired by our tribe. We are proud of how far we have come, while we remain committed to performing even better.


Our collections are carefully selected and thoroughly inspected. Explore and experience My Wicked Dude for yourself and tell us what you think. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, and suggestions.

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