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5 Best Places for Kite Surfers by Skill Level

5 Best Places for Kite Surfers by Skill Level

Kite surfing is usually an extreme sport laden with tremendous fun. And whether you're yearning to be an ultimate Carlos Mario-level surfer or doing it for fun, there's always something exceptional. Nonetheless, finding a suitable place to match your skill level is somewhat an uphill task. This article provides insight into the best places for kite surfing, whether you're an advanced rider, intermediate, or brand new to the sport.

Beginner Level

For beginners, kite surfing might not seem like a piece of cake, and rightly so. The act of braving high and ferocious waves and the height lifts aren't for the less experienced. Instead, the opposite works quite impeccably. The winds need to be gentle and the waves low for more fun and safer experience. The best places to kitesurf for beginners include:

1. Kalpitiya.

The calm waves and low-speed winds in the shallow waters of Kalpitiya's lagoon are a perfect fit for beginners. The wind usually hits an all-time high of about 30 knots throughout the year, which won't cause problems if you're still finding your way around the sport. You might also enjoy the view from underneath the water teeming with life as dolphins continually breach the surface to swim along.

Where is it located? Sri Lanka. Western region of Puttalam District.

Best time to go: Kalpitiya kitesurfing season is the summer season, runs from mid-May until the end of September or the beginning of October, if it's a good year.

2. The Red Sea.

Apart from the fascinating historical bible stories and the awe of the pyramids, Egypt also offers a warm welcome for newbie surfers. Its red sea coastline is a haven for kite surfers looking for some time out in the hot sun while learning a thing or two to advance their surfing skills. The waters are usually calm and the waves timid, which means more time for kite surfing uninterruptedly.

Where is it located? It is located the Middle East, between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Best time to go: Mid-May to mid-October, when the wind is consistently pumping nearly all-day, every-day.

3. Mui Ne.

Mui Ne is a perfect spot for kite surfing fun and is ideal for beginners trying to get familiar with the sport. The area's southerlies are gentle and typically average at about 12 to 20 knots all year round. Although the surf zone faces the open sea, the waves seem to be abnormally low and perfect as you try to get the grips of the sport.

Where is it located? Vietnam. It is a beach resort town along the sea in Southeast Vietnam.

Best time to go: The best months to kitesurf in Mui Ne, Vietnam are October, November, December, January, February, March and April.

4. La Ventana

Although advanced kiters can still find this place ideal, its soft and turquoise water and winds fit beginners. Surfing in the early mornings or evenings can be perfect, but the afternoons are pleasanter since the winds and waves are ever timid and less aggressive. Besides, you might find the serenity from the uncongested beach spaces perfect for your peace as you catch your breath in-between surfing sessions.

Where is it located? – Located in Mexico, south of La Paz on the eastern side of the Baja California peninsula in Baja California Sur.

Best time to go: The kite season in La Ventana is from mid october to april. The best months are November, December, January, February, March.

5. Boracay

The picturesque white sand beaches might amaze you, but the calm surfing experience will blow you off. This area gets protection from the lagoon that shields the island from riling waves and winds. Boracay is among Asia's leading kite surfing destinations for beginners and so, pretty sure you'll find it ideal.

Where is it located? Located off the northwest corner of Panay Island and belongs to the Western Visayas island group of the Philippines.

Best time to go: The best time to kitesurf Boracay is between November until April when the wind is more consistent, and the weather is much more predictable. However, visiting over holiday between Christmas and Easter means more people and a bit more of a pricier trip.

Intermediate Level

As an intermediate kite surfer, you're undoubtedly familiar with the basics, and perhaps you've edged them a bit. And so, calmer waters and less fierce winds might seem too lackluster and unexciting. Therefore, head on to one of these kite surfing destinations for a more electric experience.

1. Northern Shore Peru

This South America's northern beach in Peru is among the most significant kite surfing zones for people having skills past the basics. The waves are somehow unrelenting but can be forgiving with beach breaks, reaching up to a meter and a half in height. The winds are also reliable and fun to take you for a ride on the waters, and the beach is less crowded for your peace of mind.

Where is it located? Peru, duhhhh it is located in northern shore of Peru. JK.

Best time to go: The perfect time to kitesurf Northern Shore is between May-December. However, there is still good wind the rest of the year, we recommend summer and early fall.

2. Cabarete

Apart from the popular shrimp dish in the Cabarete resorts, this kite surfing hub is ideal for intermediate levelers. Although beginner and advanced practitioner levelers can find the place inviting in particular months, intermediate kite surfers can always ride for the most significant part of the year. The waters are usually choppy, and the winds average about 30 knots per year, which bids well with this level.

Where is it located? Dominican Republic. It is a coastal haven on the north coast of Hispaniola, the island that the Dominican Republic shares with Haiti.

Best time to go: The best time to ride the waves in the Cabarete is from June through August. Kiteboarding/Windsurfing Season is the months is when you have the most consistent thermal winds.

3. Punta San Carlos

If you have a few surfing buddies, you might want to tag along with them because this lone but pristine kite surfing destination might be too much for one. Nonetheless, it's a perfect kite surfing zone for intermediates who aren't down with overly aggressive waves but longer ones for more fun. However, the waters can be cold and the winds marginally more robust, but worth the fun.

Where is it located? Mexico. Located on the west coast of the state of Baja California. It is part of the municipality of Ensenada.

Best time to go: Kitesurfing season is Punta San Carlos is between February and late November. The thermal wind is pretty strong and consistent at this time of the year, particularly in the months of spring. Gotta love spring!!!!!

4. San Juan

San Juan is a harbor for the fun days on the waters and ideal for intermediates. The best part is that you won't only have an electric experience navigating the swells and surfing the waves but also enjoy a view of the scenic Caribbean coastline. Besides, you have myriad other fun activities to engage in when not surfing, so the fun is unending.

Where is it located? San Juan is located along the north-eastern coast of Puerto Rico in the Northern Plains region. It lies south of the Atlantic Ocean; north of Caguas and Trujillo Alto; east of Guaynabo; and west of Carolina.

Best time to go: The best kitesurfing season is from December to August. December to April is really where the money counts because conditions are choppier than when the water warms up after spring and during summer.

5. Cape Town

The famous coastal city in the southern end of Africa, Cape Town is a center for luxury and fun, and the waters are incredibly welcoming for all intermediate levelers. The areas of the Bloubergstrand and Langebaan are popular among kite surfers, and most intermediates find a befitting spot in these areas. The southeast winds usually blow coast-shore from morning and peak in the evening, where all the fun comes to life.

Where is located? Located in the northern end of the Cape Peninsula and is Africa’s most southern city, in the south-western region of the country.

Best time to go: Between October and March is the sweet spot to kitesurf Cape Town. You can’t possibly mess this up

Advanced Level

Cruising the fierce and lofty waves isn't for everyone unless you've mastered the art perfectly. There're always two options; to surf the waves or go home, and the latter isn't always feasible. And while you might wonder about the ideal destinations to unleash your Dora the explorer, here's a mention of the preferable areas.

1. Lakey Peak, Indonesia

Lakey peak is a zone of the pros, offering the Indo perfection of a lifetime for expert kite surfers. However, dealing with the waves might be challenging since the place has fees, and the waves can be far-reaching into the ocean. However, there's an incredible chance to catch a picture-perfect barrel-like wave that's never typical in most areas of the world.

Where is it located? Lakey Peak is nestled on the central southern coast of the island of Sumbawa Indonesia, and two islands East of Bali. Lots of real estate to explore during your visit.

Best time to go: Lakey peak’s season is between July and October, right after Bali’s season. Even though Indonesia is famous for its waves, it is not immune to having flat spots.

2. Western Australia

Intermediates can also find the waves in this place less demeaning, but experts are best suited for the most significant part. The wave quality is awe-inspiring as they reach an average height of about 1.5 meters, or sometimes higher. The wind is also perfect for the lifts and thrusts, reaching up to 40 knots, and that's perfect for experts’ kite surfers.

Where is it located? Anywhere west of Australia, really. Perth, Esperance, you name it.

Best time to go: Any region on Western Australia is ideal for kitesurfing, really. November to Early March is the best time for your Kitesurfing trip to Western Australia. Since its Australian Summer. They live pretty backwards out there. The further up north you travel the hotter it gets and the windier for you to have a blast.

3. Boca Grandi, Aruba

The challenging 2-meter ocean waves and steady trade winds are ideal for advanced practitioner levelers in Aruba along the Caribbean stretch. The wind is incredible, and the easy-going atmosphere is what adds up to the fun as you brave the ferocious waves. Besides, you also enjoy many other activities off-surfing, including snorkeling and hiking in Arikok National Park for more adventure.

Where is it located? Located on the south eastern side of Aruba's southern tip, Boca Grandi offers a long stretch of white sand beach, steady trade winds and challenging waves.

Best time to go: ALL YEAR ROUND. Insane right.

4. Southwest Madagascar

If you're an over-adventurous advanced practitioner in kite surfing, southwest Madagascar might be your dream destination. The waves are perfect and strong, and the winds are reliable, providing all attributes to suit your kite surfing expertise. Waves usually reach up to 2 meters high, and the winds can attain speeds of about 45 knots, perfect enough for advanced levelers.

Where is it located? Southwest Madagascar is located in southern Africa, an island in the Indian Ocean, east of Mozambique.

Best time to go: Kitesurfing season runs from mid-March to mid-December and peaks between June and September when the wind is strongest.

5. Le Morne, Mauritius Island

This island is also ideal for proficient-level kite surfers as it features incredible postcard picture waves with barrel-like shapes. Besides, the winds are consistently reliable, reaching up to 30 knots. You might also grab a chance to ride the One Eye wave in the Le Morne area if you've got the hang of all the kite surfing skills.

Where is it located? Le Morne is a peninsula at the extreme southwestern tip of the Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius on the western side of the island.

Best time to go: The best time to ride the waves of Le Morne is between April to November when the wind is up and consistent.


Finding the most suitable destination for kite surfing can be challenging, especially if you want to match your skillset. Luckily, there are numerous kite surfing destinations worldwide to suit your skill level. We hope this article will help you find the ideal kite surfing destination to amass the fun you crave for. Check out our Destination Experiences for several trips for different sports to learn new sports and travel this ever beautiful planet that we live on.

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