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Craft Beers for the Mountains

Ah, the crisp mountain air, the powdery slopes, and the exhilarating rush of downhill skiing - it's a winter wonderland out there! But what's missing from this picturesque scene?

A cold craft beer, of course! Join us as we embark on a frothy adventure through the best craft beers to accompany your skiing escapades. Whether you're a black diamond daredevil or a bunny hill beginner, we've got the hops and downs covered.

Alpine Ale-titude:

  • Let's kick things off with a beer that matches the altitude of your favorite ski resort. Introducing the "Peak Pilsner" - a light and refreshing pilsner that won't weigh you down as you conquer the highest peaks. Bonus points if you can spot a mountain goat while sipping this one!

Mogul Mocha Madness:

  • For those early morning runs when the slopes are still waking up, reach for the "Mogul Mocha Stout." This rich and robust stout will warm you up faster than that heated ski lodge fireplace. It's the perfect companion for navigating through moguls or gracefully falling into a pile of powder.

Goggle Gose:

  • As you zip down the slopes, don't forget your trusty goggles and the "Goggle Gose." This slightly salty and tangy gose is as refreshing as the cool mountain breeze. It's the ideal way to rehydrate after an epic wipeout or a successful slalom.

Après-Ski Amber Ale:

  • After a day of conquering the slopes, it's time for the legendary après-ski celebration. Enter the "Powdered Apricot Amber Ale" - a fruity and amber-hued brew that perfectly complements the golden hues of the setting sun. Share stories of your daring feats while clinking glasses with fellow skiers.

Heli-Hops Helles:

  • For the adventurous souls who dare to take on helicopter skiing, there's the "Heli-Hops Helles." This crisp and clean lager is the ideal choice for those who like their beer as smooth as the ride down from the chopper. Just remember, the altitude isn't the only thing that's high up here!

But in all seriousness - a day on the slopes can be heightened with the addition of a good drink or two. Share your favorite slopeside drink with us on your next adventure  #mywickeddude

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