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The Mystics is more of a playful powder ski. With a width of 121mm , we wanted to give plenty of surf but keep it agile. With a soft flex to make turns easier and a hint of carbon fiber to give the ski extra edge hold for when you need it most. 


Let's go to a dream world where it just snowed 2 feet at your home mountain, the stoke level is the highest its ever going to be. These skis will be the go-to in your quiver. The surfy, playful ski will drift through the powder like a dream, while chopping through leftovers for days after the snow has fallen.


The Mystics were named for the mystical, often supernatural attributes the mountains, and those that dwell in them hold. These skis will be the key to unlock the days of bottomless powder, psychedelic trips to the white room, and access to the relam where the Mystics roam. Find it here with the Mystics and My Wicked Dude.


143-121-137 • 23/27m

The Mystics

1 099,00$Prix
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