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MWD Athlete, Pilot




Seven years ago my life changed forever when I was introduced into the sport of Skydiving. From my first jump, I found human flight fascinating, and since then I have found my new obsession. My life priorities changed. Bye-bye business career in Operations Management, Hello fun and exciting things like Freefly. 

I began packing parachutes to make ends meet as I started my AFF student progression. This path led me back home to Portland, Oregon to work as a wind tunnel instructor. The combination of skydiving and tunnel flying helped me hone my skills and exposed me to the network of athletes that have helped me grow personally and professionally. 

You can probably tell where I am going with this. You guessed it - I am an aviation addict residing in the Pacific Northwest of ‘Merica. I plan on flying more hours on fixed-wing planes to become a commercial pilot like my teammate Alizée.

When I’m not flying airplanes or skydiving, I support my habits through work as, you guess it, a Tandem and Accelerated Freefly instructor. Other merits include being a Senior Parachute Rigger and IBA Certified Wind Tunnel Coach. On my days off you can find me in the local terrain working on my progression in Speed Flying, Speed Riding, BASE Jumping, Paragliding, and other ways to grow my addiction in aerial sports. 

Being a part of My Wicked Dude presents seemingly endless opportunities for the future. The shared passions of those around me are the true ingredient of happiness and success.My involvement with the company surrounds me with like-minded individuals that help push the limits of flight and creativity. With a quick glance at our team, it is evident that we have found our tribe!

Image by Nigel Tadyanehondo