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HOST, Almost An Athlete Badger Podcast

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Hey everyone, my name is Tip and I am the host for My Wicked Dude's podcast called Almost An Athlete.


A little bit about myself, I am a first generation American of Lao Immigrant parents.


I grew up in the country side of North Carolina where I jumped self-made dirt ramps on my Mongoose bike, and scuffed knees and bruises were the norm. I was daddy’s little girl and was taught how to hunt and fish at a very young age. The wooded forests outside was playground.

I nerd out on physical geography and am stickler of learning how different landscapes are formed and carved into the earth. I traveled and spent some time living in Okinawa, Japan and off the coast of California where I found myself often scuba diving in the blue waters and kelp forests.


I continuously thrive for adventure. For me its a lifestyle, more so it is than just hobbies. Being in the Rockies of Colorado has been perfect to where I can wake up and to  mountain bike down rocky terrain, playing in the powder on my snowboard, and just enjoying a nice hike through alpine lakes and wild flowers. 

To learn more about me and my new podcast, click on the link below and check us out on IG and Badger TV

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