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Traveling with Your Tribe

When you were a kid, chances are that you went on vacation with your family. If you were lucky, you got to bring a friend on a trip, or maybe one of your friends took you with their family. There’s something about traveling with friends that deepens your friendships and helps you understand yourself more. Sometimes trips can test your friendships, hopefully in a healthy and strengthening kind of way.

When you get older and start working, don’t forget that travel is good for your soul, but what can make it even sweeter is traveling with your tribe. Your tribe is a group that, no matter where in the world you may be, you can depend on. It might include family members, childhood friends, college classmates, former coworkers, or mutual friends that have made their way into your close circle.

Your tribe is your people, your sounding board, and your encouragers. A trip with your people, especially when you get to choose where you go and what you do, can lock you in with each other and you can also bet it’s gonna be a good time!

Here are six quick tips about traveling with your tribe that can make your trips more intentional.

  1. Be flexible. Things might not go as planned or expected, but a trip is not always about the plan—it’s also about the people.

  2. Try new things. Since you’re with the ones you’re comfortable with, get out of your comfort zone!

  3. Do something familiar. Doing something you all already enjoy strengthens your friendships and connections.

  4. Be kind. Strive to be unselfish during your trip. Look for moments where you can go out of your way to show care to your tribe.

  5. Tell your tribe what you find interesting. Speak up about what you might want to do on your trip!

  6. Get souvenirs. Whether it’s a small shot glass or a cheesy t-shirt, make sure you bring something home that can commemorate your trip.

All you’ve gotta do now is text your group chat and decide when and where. Get going!

Written by Cassie Johnson

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