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Bota, as the name says is Butter in Nigeria. Here at MWD, we like to enjoy those runs like we should, smooth, fun and laid back. Just like the trick, hang back, ride it out and let the good times roll.


Dont take yourelf too seriously as this Camber style board as the rocker gives you better control, pop, landing and stability. Float effortlessly.


Snowboard takes about 6 - 10 weeks to build and ship.


The 158 and 166 cm lengths are


298-240-298 @ 8.2m radius


The 148 and 146 cm lengths are


280-226-280 @ 7.5m radius

Bota S100

  • We believe that by working as a community to leverage our resources we can all play a role in the global movement towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly community. As members of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of every retail sale to support the work of environmental non-profits organizations.

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