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Queen Big Booty or Queen of the Backcountry, inspired by legendary Dr. Richard Hughbank (he is not really a doctor). The width on this bad boys will keep you plowing through knee deep snow in ALASK-AAAAAAA or anywhere your heart desire.


Heli skiing or Cat Skiing, we got you covered with this wide waist line for the snow to wrap around. All surf, no brakes and stability as you ski big terrain. Surfboard inspired on the front end with its wide reverse sidecut section. The underfoot to the sidecut starts to activate and is drawn out into the tail. Conditions and powder isnt always perfect snow while you're out exploring the mountains. This sidecut gives the ski some grip through the crud and hard snow.


167-135-140 • 31m @ 195cm (Sample Sizing)


Builds take roughly about 10 weeks from order to delivery. However during the winter season, it varies and more towards a longer build period because of mass order being made, best time to order is during summer.


Tested and Proven in the Alaskan Range.

QBB 1.0

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