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The Honeybadger, also known infamously as "Honey Badger don't give a ****", is one of the most fierce animals on the planet. Known to float around from sub-Saharan Africa to Turkmenistan and the Indian Peninsula. It has been around and held its own wherever it finds itself.


We had that in mind when building this pair of Skis. This ski was built for speed and aggressive skiing anywhere and everywhere just like our little buddy, the honey badger. It is made and capable of staying stable through the chops and carves on resort style groomed runs and performs easily through fresh pow.


The rocker tip and tail enables these skis for quick and responsive turns, exactly when you need it to as well as track through fresh snow with no problems. We definitely save these skis for the chargers and high speed runners with experience as this is a tad bit more rigid than the ProngHorn, Choose wisely Kids. Dont forget to share the stoke, whether cruising or full send with the crew.


Skis take about 6 - 10 weeks to build and ship.


tip-underfoot-tail • @ length, Flex
119-90-111 • 20m @ 181cm, soft flex

HoneyBadger 103


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