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You know the saying it's not the's the driver! Well it is quite the opposite for this board and the rider. They are one in one, riding is Kumbaya and one with the earth. Inspired by the Grand Teton and the Wolf Pack, the confidence is in the tech and choose the power of camber or the float and cut through edges and heels of pow as the ride down those sweet cushy runs on the rad winter runs.


We cant guarantee that you will break some record speed on your runs but we can 100% gaurantee that you will have a good time while you are out there on the runs with friends and a cold one (OBVIOUSLY WATER, STAY HYDRATED MY FRIENDS).

Tested and proven at Purgatory Ski Resort.


From build to delivery, this takes 6 - 10 weeks.


The 158 and 166 cm lengths are


298-240-298 @ 8.2m radius


The 148 and 146 cm lengths are


280-226-280 @ 7.5m radius


According to Sarah Wright, She loves the teton wolfskin design on the wood background. She said "As a NE tree Rider, it makes a lot of sense. Like a wolf running through the forest over the snow"

The Teton Wolfskin

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