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The Walnut Snowboard is like a cat on hot brick, motivated, and workhorse. This board is all about fresh pow in early in the season and slush at the end of the season, this all-mountain plank makes question life decision (JUST KIDDING). But you are always in for a ride whenever you strap on.


This board is built for speed, don’t believe us then have a buddy clock your speed as you come down runs, who knows you might break a world record or two if you ride it right. The sidecut has a large radius that maxes out stability as you are pulling some serious G’s


Tested and proven at Telluride Ski Resort.


From build to delivery, this takes 6 - 10 weeks.


The 158 and 166 cm lengths are


298-240-298 @ 8.2m radius


The 148 and 146 cm lengths are


280-226-280 @ 7.5m radius

The Walnut

  • We believe that by working as a community to leverage our resources we can all play a role in the global movement towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly community. As members of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of every retail sale to support the work of environmental non-profits organizations.

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