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The Water Mountain Planks 1.0, how do we even begin to describe this skis. Designed by Cindy Bride-Grangeot, this skis come from a place of thought and art. Inspired by how to best depict a meeting point of the Ocean and Mountain, we decided this is the way to go.


Other than the beauty of the skis, the performance is just as good or if not better than it. Some have mentioned to us during R&D that this only ski you’ll need from opening day ‘til closing, but thats just personal opinion and we definitely agree.


The WMP 1.0 offers a well defined and playful shape with redesigned cork inserts for power and stability when fully sending big lines and tight tree runs. If you want to cruise or redline fun and stable runs, the WMP 1.0 is all you want and more.


From build to delivery, this takes 10 - 12 weeks.


128-100-119 • 20/23m

WMP 1.0

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