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Birds of Prey Origin Story Vol. 2. Beyond the Summit

After a successful expedition to the French Alps in 2023, the My Wicked Dude team returned in the winter of 2024 to revisit Val d'Isère and explore its neighboring town, Tignes. The combined ski resort area of Tignes – Val d'Isère, also known as Espace Killy, is named after the celebrated skier Jean-Claude Killy, and it's the perfect playground for high-adrenaline adventures. The goal of this trip was to deepen the team's bonds, push each other to new heights, and work together as a cohesive unit.

This time, the team expanded to include Jesse Weyher and Vincent Cotte. While they didn't have Jonas Boesiger on this trip, they flew with other local talents, such as Leo Taillefer and Leo Balay—legendary speedriders who guided them to some of the best spots in the region. Unfortunately, one of their team members, Lane Paquin, had a serious and life-threatening accident just weeks before the expedition, but he is recovering well, and the team looks forward to his return on future trips.

The expedition was filled with thrilling activities. The team went skiing, speedriding, and took some guests on tandem speed rides. The most exhilarating moments came from the wingsuit flights—the first team wingsuit flight was a beautiful sight as they soared over the snow-capped mountains, resembling birds of prey in their natural habitat. The adventure was punctuated by moments of bonding with friends from the United States, sharing experiences, and enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

While the trip focused on teamwork, it also highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of each member. The team kept an open mind to new opportunities, learning from each other and recognizing threats to their success. This collaborative approach allowed them to identify ways to become stronger and better together—a crucial element for building a successful team.

Memorable moments from the expedition included the team's first three-way speedride, executed flawlessly, and a tandem three-way speedride, a sight to behold. The most iconic moment was the team's four-way wingsuit flight, with Miles Daisher, Jesse Weyher, and Vincent Cotte zooming through the mountains in perfect harmony. After each day of adventure, the team came together to relax, bond, and celebrate their shared experiences.

The new athletes on the team blended seamlessly with the veterans, and everyone found their place within the group. The camaraderie and instant connection were remarkable, with each member balancing comfort, experience, and expertise while learning from others. Despite the success of the expedition, the team acknowledged that there was still work to be done, hoping to have more team members join them on future trips.

As the team explores new locations for their next expedition, there's a sense of excitement and anticipation. Beyond the adventure, the focus remains on growing as individuals, as athletes, and as fun-loving friends who embrace the thrill of the French Alps.

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