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The Hare, always outrunning the badger. Since we have put them to the test, we know who the winner is. Compared to the HoneyBadger, the hare is the faster of the twin, perfect for All Mountain.


They are literally Knives cutting through butter. They’re always ready anywhere, anyday, any conditions on the mountain. Not too wide to rip groomers and not too narrow for those deep pow, an excellent all-around pair of ski will perform well every day, whenever you take it out, which should be everytime.


Dont forget to share the stoke, whether cruising or full send with the crew.


Skis take about 6 - 10 weeks to build and ship.


tip-underfoot-tail • @ length, Flex 

119-90-111 • 20m @ 180cm, soft flex

Snowshoe Hare 102


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