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Almost an Athlete: The Origin Story


Breaking Boundaries: Conversations with Inspiring Female Athletes and Multi Sport Athlete

In a world where sports have traditionally been dominated by a wide variety of phenomenal men, there is a rising tide of incredible female athletes who are not only breaking stereotypes but also setting new standards of excellence. This past year, we launched Almost an Athlete, a podcast focused on interviewing a wide range of professional athletes who gave us their take on the perspective of Passion, Purpose and Tribe.

This past year, we had the privilege of interviewing two remarkable female CrossFit athletes, a professional female hockey player, and a seasoned olympic swiss snowboarder. Their stories are not just tales of triumph on the field but narratives of resilience, dedication, and passion that transcend the boundaries of conventional gender norms.

The CrossFit Powerhouses (Andrea Nisler and Taylor Williamson):

Our podcast kicked off with conversations with two elite female CrossFit athletes (Andrea Nisler and Taylor Williamson). Both were former Team Mayhem, Now Team PRVN. Each share their unique journey that led them to the competitive world of functional fitness. They shared insights into their training routines, the mental challenges they've overcome, and the importance of a supportive community in the highly demanding world of CrossFit.

Andrea discussed how she discovered her love for lifting and the empowering feeling of seeing her body transform through her dedication to the sport. Taylor spoke about the mental fortitude required to push through grueling workouts and the camaraderie that exists among CrossFit enthusiasts worldwide.

Dom Kremer: Pro NHWL Hockey Player

Next on the podcast was a trailblazing professional hockey player, Dom Kremer, who shattered the glass ceiling in a sport often associated with male dominance. She recounted her journey from the early days on the ice to becoming a role model for aspiring female hockey players. The discussion delved into the challenges she faced growing up in and out of the sport, the importance of representation in sports, and the growth of women's hockey on the global stage.

Jonas Boesiger (Olympian Swiss Snowboarder)

In an adrenaline-fueled podcast episode, we had the exhilarating opportunity to interview a Swiss powerhouse, Jonas Boesiger, who seamlessly navigates the worlds of professional snowboarding, wingsuit flying, and paragliding. His gripping tales of conquering mountain slopes, soaring through the skies, and pushing the limits of what the human body can achieve offer a captivating look into the life of an extreme sports maverick.

The Snowboarding Maestro:

Our conversation with this multifaceted athlete began with his snowboarding exploits, exploring the passion that drove him to master the art of hitting big air jumps and grinding on the rails slopetyling with steeze. He shared insights into his journey from the Swiss Alps to international competitions, detailing the unique challenges and triumphs that come with navigating treacherous terrains on a snowboard.

Wingsuit Flying and Paragliding Adventures:

As the podcast unfolded, we delved into the heart-pounding realm of wingsuit flying and paragliding. Our guest recounted the surreal experience of soaring through the air, gracefully navigating the sky with a wingsuit. The conversation explored the technicalities of paragliding, from launching off mountain peaks to harnessing the wind currents to achieve breathtaking flights.

Swiss Precision and Extreme Sports Culture:

A key theme that emerged during our discussion was the Jonas's guide to precision and dedication. From meticulously planning wingsuit flights to executing flawless snowboarding descents, he illustrated how his Swiss roots have shaped his commitment to mastering each discipline.

Living on the Edge:

The podcast wrapped up with reflections on the inherent risks of extreme sports and the psychology behind embracing danger. Our guest shared insights into the thrill of living on the edge, the mental preparation required for daring feats, and the profound sense of freedom that comes with defying gravity in the pursuit of adrenaline-fueled passion.

Multidisciplinary Mastery: The athlete's ability to seamlessly transition between snowboarding, wingsuit flying, and paragliding highlighted the depth of his skill set and the versatility required in the world of extreme sports.

Embracing the Unknown: The discussion touched on the psychology of embracing uncertainty and pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible in the pursuit of personal and professional growth.

Our podcast episode with this Swiss extreme sports maverick provided a window into a world where thrill-seekers challenge the limits of human potential. From breathtaking descents on snow-covered slopes to soaring through the skies with a wingsuit, his journey reflects the indomitable spirit of those who find solace and passion in the heart-stopping excitement of extreme sports. As we celebrate the convergence of skill, precision, and courage, it's evident that this athlete from Switzerland is not just a sportsman but a living testament to the exhilarating possibilities that come with living life on the edge.

Key Themes, during each of episodes focus on Passion, Purpose and Tribe. Other discussions are about:

  1. Resilience and Mental Toughness: Each athlete emphasized the mental fortitude required to succeed in their respective sports, challenging the notion that physical prowess alone defines an athlete's success.

  2. Community and Support: The importance of a supportive community emerged as a common theme. Whether it's the CrossFit box, the hockey team, or the snowboarding community, having a network of like-minded individuals plays a crucial role in overcoming obstacles.

  3. Representation Matters: The athletes highlighted the significance of representation in their sports, inspiring the next generation of female athletes to pursue their dreams without limitations.

What an awesome year 2023 has been! We have big plans for our 2024 athlete lineup; stay tuned with Almost an Athlete!

Until next time - check out all of our episodes on badgertv through the mwd website, youtube and our shorts on IG.


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